Laura’s Writing Theory & Practice Blog 2015-11-18 22:02:00

Dr. Zamora,

I offered to post an update regarding the progress made in class during your absence on Monday. However, it’s difficult for me to return to “business as usual” without first addressing the recent turn of events surrounding our campus (and world).  

It’s ironic that as a member of a course rooted in “words” and “writing,” I find myself, now, at a loss for both.  The twitter comments are a sobering reminder of the world we live in.  This, coupled with the Paris shootings, weighs heavy on my heart.  There are some things- whether they hit close to home or not- that I’m not sure I will ever be able to truly comprehend.  Nor do I think I want to...

Class Business….For the first hour or so of class, we worked in our small groups, offering advice on revising our vignettes.  After that, we took the initiative to agree on using the website as the platform for our project and Devon and Maria (thanks, girls!) took the reigns on designing a new-and-improved site, which we took a look at on the projector.  They even gave us a mini tutorial!  We then shared a username and password with the group so we could start playing around with the capabilities, features, etc.  We agreed that if we felt “ready” to link our drafts to our page/icon, that we would do so over the week.  Finally, we engaged in additional project title discussions and decided that “Writing Matters” was still a strong contender, but that there is the possibility that once all of the pieces were in place that we would somehow “know” what the final name should be.  A very productive session!