Our plan for our final class!

imagesWe have finally made it to the finish line of the semester, as we plan for our final class next week!  I look forward to our potluck dinner, so please sign up to add to our menu for our final class party together.

I had a great time during our #DigiWriMo twitterchat, and I think our questions spurned some thoughtful collective reflection.  I also enjoyed the playful aspects of our conversation (especially the thought of a course on the Semiotics of Emoji use in varying local subcultures 😉 – there was definitely some LOL moments.  NWP colleague Keving Hodgson (aka @dogtrax) was kind enough to create a storify of our social/public conversation.  Please check it out!:

Thanks to Hope for having us read and view our final selections for the semester: the video – “Writing as Making/Making as Writing by Connected Learning TV“ and the article – “Writing Assessment in the Early 21st Century” by K. B Yancey.  We closed our semester long conversation on writing process with a consideration of Yancey’s 4th wave of writing assessment.  Then we turned to thinking about different pathways to writing – though the Connected Learning lens of “Writing-as-Making”.  Unknown-1I am glad we closed up the semester long conversation with the frame of production-centered learning in order to shed new light on writing experiences.  Writing-as-Making leads to the discovery of new pathways for writerly identity.  The “maker” sensibility is an exciting opening, loosening up the constriction often felt for students when it comes to learning how to write.  To think of writing-as-making (especially in a digital 21st century environment) means to embrace a “tinkering” sensibility.  Students can create and make without a script or formulaic set of instructions.  Students can be transformed from consumers of media to producers of media.  And when something doesn’t work, students can figure out “work arounds” until they get to a place of new understanding, building an important resiliency in the midst of learning.  “Making” yields a kind of persistence, and helps combat a pervasive fear of failure that is so much a part of the typical schooling experience.  I enjoyed your blogs for this week, and they highlighted to me the enthusiasm you feel for connected learning principles, and what these ideas can do for writing students in this day and age.

For our final class:

-Remember to plan and bring your potluck contribution.

Remember to complete your final class portfolio and send it to me via email.

Be prepared to co-write the “About” page for your final class project, while we eat and celebrate the close of the Fall semester.  🙂

Thanks for a fantastic semester with all of you.  I can’t believe how it just flew by….


Dr. Zamora

Ps.  Our final class party is open to friends, family and anyone you feel inclined to share with :).