Moving beyond the “warm up”…

It was lovely to start our time together last class looking more closely at our Course Calendar.  By collectively curating your own readings for the course, you are also starting to think about what you are innately curious about when it comes to the writing process.  There is already a sense of your diverse interests emerging reflected in your initial selections.  I can guarantee that each of the selections made thus far will be an important part of the overall learning “take-away” you are building upon within Writing Theory & Practice.  At any rate, I think our Course Calendar is starting to shape up effectively, and I hope you take a close look at the Reading Roster again to make your second selection for the “Round 2” of presentations that will come later in the semester.


We also spent a bit of time acclimating to the backchannel platform of twitter by participating in the Equity Unbound twitter scavenger hunt.  As you know, Equity Unbound is a global online community and our professional learning network for the semester – and it also is a  growing conversation we will continue to have beyond the four walls of our literal classroom.  We will discuss many important issues regarding writing and learning in the digital age with the #unboundeq network.  The #unboundeq scavenger hunt has been a great way to jumpstart the growth of the open online community, and we have all made some initial contact with educators and students from around the world through this opening activity.  Remember, you can always jump back in there and participate asynchronously in order to sharpen up your twitter skills before we start to engage more purposeful content about equity and intercultural learning together.

With all that #unboundeq fun around our “mystery objects” over the past few days, we also stumbled across an issue that sparked us to create a twitter petition for Alt-text accessibility.  (The use of Alt-text helps to ensure images shared on Twitter will be more fully accessible for more people. Visually-impaired Twitter users who use a screen reader, for example, can understand an image only when Alt-text is used, allowing text accompanying an image to be read aloud through the screen reader.) I am impressed that the #unboundeq community has rallied around an inclusion issue early on:

What to anticipate for next week’s class:

We will start to build some momentum for our class.  We will engage in some reflective freewriting while connecting with our own memories of how we learned to write, as well as how we were taught to write.  I think this is an important reference point to keep in mind as we embark on the journey of considering theory & practice today (and how an understanding of writing has indeed evolved).  We will also discuss the formal field of Rhetoric & Composition via Janice Lauer’s article in order to understand our own place in an ever growing field.   We will discuss some key issues that come up based on our shared reading of Lauer’s ‘Rhetoric & Composition”.  And last but not least, we will also dip into the next phase of Equity Unbound activities by watching and reflecting together on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The danger of a single story.

To do:

  • Read Janice M. Lauer “Rhetoric and Composition”;
  • Post you first blog post!: -Reflection on the Lauer reading & anything you did/learned so far from Equity Unbound; you are also welcome to add general thoughts re: the start of grad school

See you next week and looking forward to it!

Dr. Zamora