Self – Assesment: Last blog as a Writreater

good things

Wow. Just wow. I am not exactly sure where to begin explaining my experience within this wondrous journey that I embarked on to stimulate my mind as writer. One thing ‘s for certain is that this class and group of individuals will hold A special place in my memories. Coming into this course, I was expecting just as I said, a “course”. A professor standing in front of us lecturing about the proper techniques of how to become a better academic writer, oh how I was wrong. Within this writreat I was able to discover a better sense of self, a better sense of my passions as a future global educator. Through each morning write into the day (I hope my fellow academics caught the word pun) my mind opened to ideas that I could have not that of the previous day. My biggest takeaway from this course is to listen to myself and write where the heart takes me. Of course I have standby the proper procedures of my designated project, but every word I wrote came straight from the heart. Being able so also share my writing and passion with my fellow classmates made the feeling even more surreal. Having others enjoy what I have to say is what made me want to keep writing, coming up with new ideas, falling in love with the process of writing.

Going forward in my academic and professional career, what I will take away from this writreat is building connections. Through the connects I made with my classmates, I was able to get a different perspective from others. Being able to work in a space full of working minds made me want to work harder. Surrounding myself with other passionate individual reawakened my writing skills as an academic. Yesterday was my final day of the course and I am excited to see the rest of Master’s journey.