The Erasure of Sentence

This article contains the contemporary composition of good sentence structure that provides antique formalism and behaviorism to better essays and studies. These ideas are to enhance an intellectual way of composition teaching with the approved interest of scientific and mechanism that creates attention in the desired element of the order of competition (Connors 96). I like the paragraph theory content of this article relating to my history of writing and providing syntactic sentence structure methods. I could use this extraordinary way of structuring my sentence on a brief overview of intense pedagogies to mention different mainstream composition studies and relate to historical content. A unique way of African composition of rhetorical sentences provides a realistic way of structuring out ideas that are very useful in composition writing.

Rhetorical questions provide a clear overview of the ideas and ways of expressing an individual’s views toward a particular essay writing topic. On the other hand, Christensen’s rhetoric is useful in teaching writing good sentences using the essential articles and sentence structure that portrays learners’ ideas in the best way (Connors 97). I will use these ideas in pedagogical methods to avoid writing long sentences and write meaningful sentences that will better express my thoughts using rhetoric sentences. Christensen’s rhetoric entails a traditional way of capturing intervention and ideas using reliable language skills. It provides a good write-up and good sentence structure that can be applied in all my writing. Besides, imitation will help me write parts of my essay and use the desired instruction to structure the best paper to attract better grades and improve my writing skills.

This book is exciting in guiding students to structuring sentences using rhetorical questions and essential techniques that make an essay appealing to the reader. Besides, sentence combining juggernaut helps construct my essays by combining two or more short, simple sentences to make up a longer sentence and uniquely portray my idea. Furthermore, relying on this approach, I will have to structure one of the best essays in the course, which will help me attain better grades at the end of the course (Connors 103). I would have to ensure I have relied on grammatical theories using syntactic structures and theoretical-based establishment of the sentence to combine pedagogies and develop a fantastic sentence structure that will uniquely portray my ideas, thus attracting better grades.

Grammar and Teaching of Grammar

I like this article’s content on how to make an attractive and robust conclusion. The way this article has put three ideas on how to write an effective conclusion. The content on how to avoid grammatical errors and to remain controversial to your stated ideas. The article entails experimental studies that are beneficial for informal grammar, instruction, and significant lessons on the quality of writing a persuasive essay and avoiding errors (Hartwell 105). I’m glad to learn about Scott’s rendering effects as a way of providing an exciting conclusion with no mistakes and providing a careful definition of words of grammar in defining ideas and following instructions. I like how this article is essential in providing the desired ideas on research by examining a particular population or an aspect related to my research articles and essays that I need for my course.

It is clear that the controversy of grammar instruction’s value determines the final grade in his writing (Hartwell 109). Relating the information in this article is what I need to attain the best grades in essay writing at the end of the course. They sing on the consequence of making grammar issues essential to write a persuasive essay that attracts the instructor and results in better grades.

Besides, using the rule to speak out the language and the following grammar is essential in providing unconscious knowledge to our continuative way of nature. The writing rules and guidelines provide approximate and profound grammatical-error-free, which is good and attracts one to continue reading your essay. It is evident that learning grammar one linguistic will tend to agree with a surprising little way about implicit scenes and reporting of rule forming ideas in speech and the prominent role of forming plurals that are memorable in noun separation (Hartwell112). Demonstrating this idea will produce a controllable overview of rule creating and spoken plural rule of the word. As a result, the screw rule tends to explain collective nouns and form a mass of nouns towards the abstract entities of sound features in noun ending sound.

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