Chapbook Progress !

My experience with the chapbook has been a little different. I will be creating mine digitally using keynote, since I have been away from the classroom the last few weeks. I have enjoyed seeing everyones work and now being able to put it together piece by piece is truly inspiring. I feel we all collaborated really great together and have allowed each other to see for the last time a true piece of us.

While working digitally on my chapbook I feel am I able to add variety, but it has also been a bit challenging just figuring out where things may go. I will leave a link below of my chapbook work as reference to how things are coming along.

Final Group Project Update Part 1 of 2

The Voice of Chaos chapbooks are coming along amazingly and I’m loving it! It’s great to see each of the different chapbooks coming together and I love that we easily came to the agreement to do them.

My favorite thing so far is that each book has the same content but the layouts are all different and unique to us. For Dr. Zamora’s chapbook, we each did our page how we wanted. And for our own, we did them however we decided. My chapbook has 10 different colors. Because why do just one color when I could just do them all (except yellow and orange).

I also enjoy that we really stuck to the chaotic theme and while the layout was thoughtfully planned out, it was also just randomized. And no two books will be the same!

By Friday we’ll be done with them and be able to show them off. Stay tuned for the Instagram account for them to get a digital copy of our chapbook!