Chapbook – Process

It would have been grand to include Jasmine in this photo, but alas, she is with us in our most positive and celebratory thoughts. Congratulationsxinfinity! 🎉

    This whole chapbook final project that my group and I are currently working on is one that I am having a lot of fun putting together. Collaborating in such a crafty blend of visual and written expression is one that endears the silent film lover in me, as well as the ADHD kid that I am at heart. I love moving from thing to thing, so how scrappy and collage-like a project like this is a real sensory pleasure. The glue is a bit of a pain, I must admit, and I honestly almost stabbed myself a few times trying to sew together the pages for my individual copy. My phone case also has about ten new indentations from trying to use it like a hammer on the threading needle. 

    This project is also one that shows me that I am surrounded by a pretty talented bunch of people, of which all interpret chaos in their own personal way. Some use it to relate to love, nature, their environment, past, present, futures, the whole nine yards, all eight wonders, yadda-yadda. Everyone here has a distinct voice. Perhaps six individual copies of this thing may be a challenge to bring together, especially when considering that some of us are experiencing chaos in location, bringing forth new life, and for those two (C & E) in a room with me presently taping, cutting, and gluing things … dealing with me (haha!).

    Nonetheless, a fun experience all around. A few extra pages paying tribute to the ultimate college dropout (and honorary graduate), Kanye West, would have been nice. Unfortunately Chelsea vetoed that idea, and Kathryn as well. I still got two pages total of tribute so I guess they met me 2/40ths of the way from what I originally planned. Working on this thus far has really shown me how cool it was to have the same classes with a handful of people, as we’ve all kinda bonded in our own unique way. Very gradually, but organically, have we all developed our own little in-jokes, character dynamics, and whatnot. I believe that our chapbook(s) will wind up being a very good showcase of this, and hope for such most of all. Very rewarding experience, indeed.