Nearing The Finish Line!

Pikachu’s Challenge 2: Relay Race

Congratulations to the Winning Idea!

According to an article published in the National Library of Medicine¬†(2017), in light of various biological evidence and philosophical arguments discussed therein, it is most reasonable to support the notion that personhood status is present at the point of human fertilization, wherefore, my portion of the inspired Group Project, “The Stages of Growth” will embark upon a flash nonfiction journey that includes the development process of me becoming a mother and how I have grown from the human natural progression of motherhood.


  • Metamorphosis: Transformations of Life.


  • Digital and hardcopy in print.


There will indeed be a peer review of my writing process. I will undoubtedly call on a dear and intelligent colleague, who is often helpful in assisting me with a few past assignments. The peer review process will begin from the moment my writing process is drafted and completed before the group’s deadline date in preparation for publication.


I would like to engage as part of the book-producing team and organize and copyedit the BIO/Authors page(s). Additionally, I do think the group should consider a dedication page to the group members, the professor, and readers. ¬†I also think there should be a cover page and the overall work shared via social media channels with the possibility of shining bright on, etc., and where all books are sold. Furthermore, I welcome the opportunity to present the finished product during Research Days, a webinar, and a workshop. Thus, I am willing to assist anyone who chooses, like the creators of the winning idea, Michael, Francesca, or others, to take charge of the “afterlife” plans for the project by way of conference presentations or events, etc.