Final Project Poem

Hi Everyone,

We are so close to the end!

For my final project piece, I wrote a choose your own adventure poem.

The poem starts with you as a baby in the womb. You make choices throughout the poem that lead you down different paths. You go from being a baby to growing up and living vastly different lives through the choices you make.

There are opportunities for growth as well as opportunities for regression. Just like life, the poem forces the reader to make tough choices. There are 8 different endings to the poem. Some endings are good endings, some are bad endings, and some are in between.

The poem aims to show how we all start out the same and through the choices we make or the circumstances that are dealt to us, life can change drastically. But since you get to make all the choices in the poem, you are in control of your fate.

Yet you don’t know where those choices will take you, so you have to have faith that if you make choices that lead to growth, you will have a happy ending.

But life is complex, so you won’t know until you make the choice. And since its a poem and not real life, you can go back and make different choices to see how your fictional life turns out.

The Anthology of Us

I will start with a brief overview of my piece.
I’ve decided to make a fictional journal entry from the perspective of a young adult. I intend to make it completely gender-neutral so readers, male, female and nonbinary, could relate to it. The main theme of it will be the struggle of a young adult going through paradoxical time in their life. A time where their family wants them to be prim, proper and perfect, while they yearn to be messy, loud, and “flawed”. I want to disclose that its semi-autobiographical but everything will be exaggerated a bit.

All of my ideas for the anthology are in the Docs that the class made but I’ll reiterate them here. I’ve got two titles in mind for the anthology: Growth and The Anthology of Us. The second one arose when I started writing this blog post and it was just too good to ignore and let it just be a blog post title. As for the format I believe it should be digital. A digital format allows this project to be attached to CV and resumes as a quick hyperlink. (if you don’t know what a hyper link is, click here) It also allows this project to be revisited by the authors to edit or add more stories if they so choose. In a digital format it has the potential to reach a far wider audience than a physical copy could.

As for the job I could take responsibility for…if we as a class decide to have a dedication page I’d like to take responsibility for it. Before I start creating one I’d like to know the general theme of everyone short piece.

Messy Feelings and thoughts

So my draft for this next workshop is messy. Very messy actually. As in “I started out writing about my feelings and then went on a tangent” type of messy. I honestly have a lot of feelings. Since my presentation topic was about writing as a form of emotional upheavals and processing stress, trauma, and pain, I just started writing some of the things that have been weighing on my heart for a long time now.

Notable, one of the things I wrote about has to do with Covid-19. Another thing I wrote about has to do with Palestine and Israel, specifically the massacre Israel has been committing against Palestinians in Gaza and the propaganda they, the United States and other imperialist nations have been using to justify the genocide in Gaza. I also bring up Congo and how slavery is being perpetuated in Congo.

Honestly, my draft is a very unhappy rant. I’d write lol if this was on social media, but it’s very very angry. But that’s not a bad thing. I’m not yelling at anyone or cursing in my draft. Anger is a valid emotion. Being angry but itself isn’t an evil or threatening thing. I am angry. I am sad and heartbroken. I am frustrated and disillusioned and distress and terrified for what might come next. So my draft is messy and unprofessional. And I’m honestly ready to start letting all of my anger, fear, sadness, and anxiety out. Because, just like what I showed in my presentation, writing down your feelings and thoughts helps soothe your mind and helps to process everything.

For the title: Messy Psyche. I wrote a non-fiction, personal venting type of draft, so the title is only fitting. I’ll also do prose. I’m in the stage of Anger, Anxiety, and Fear. The stage of being stuck, disillusioned with life, and being angry with myself and also other people for their selfishness, inaction, and prejudices.

I’d be able to do table of contents and set up the layout of any documents or powerpoint presentations if needed.

Prose and Pragmatism

The stage of growth I focused on in my writing is the transition out of an unfulfilling stage of life into one that is fulfilling. I wrote a fictional story about a person seeking a new direction in life after leaving a job where she was stagnating. Although I identify the main character with a pronoun, I left her unnamed to suggest that this stage of life is universal. The story is still in a rough draft stage and a tad too long.

Aside from contributing a story, I don’t think that I am particularly well-suited to any of the jobs involved with this project. I am hoping that our discussions in tomorrow’s meeting will reveal some way that I can contribute without feeling out of my depth. As for an idea for the title, I’m finding it difficult to think of a title without knowing what the exact content of the anthology is. That being said, the title of Cindy’s piece, “Growing Pains,” did jump out at me as a possibility.

In addition to my concerns about how I can contribute to the administrative side of the project, I am very concerned about us taking on too much with this project. Most of us will have to revise our writing, read nine classmates’ submissions, offer thoughtful critiques, write our individual self-assessment for the class, write a response poem for the anthology, and contribute to the project by taking on a role. I think we need to remain mindful of how little time we have and how busy we all are at the end of a semester when making choices about the project. For this reason, I think that choosing a website or blog for the format of the anthology would make the most sense. The templates available in tools like WordPress provide an existing framework so that we can just drop things in rather than spending lots of time on layout. 

I hope everyone understands that I’m sharing my concerns about time and workloads in the interest of easing the burden on all of us and producing a project we can be proud of.  I look forward to a productive meeting tomorrow and reading everyone’s work.