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Your final project progress:

I am really pleased with how much you all accomplished in Workshop #2.

You worked diligently together, pushing through a second evening of deliberations, and you considered different possibilities together. After voting on some final ideas that seem to take precedent, you identified the plan. The “stages of growth” anthology won by 6 votes to 4. So collectively, you have decided upon a writing anthology based on the many stages of growth in a human life.

Your project will be a collection of your unique writings (as individuals), that points the way to a collective understanding of what makes us human. Each of you will author a brief “chapter” (1-2 page writing piece, fiction or non-fiction, …any genre will do) that pays tribute to the process of growth in a human lifetime.

EARLY definition of the project:

(…as drafted by Dr. Zamora based on active listening during Workshop #2)

This special collection will most certainly underscore the importance (and the struggles) of being human, in a world that seems to continually drift towards anti-humanism. Our world is rapidly advancing towards ever-present automation and the ubiquitous spread of artificial intelligence. In light of this reality, you ask – So what makes us human? What is growth, in human terms? And why is that important for all of us, moving forward?

Uniquely human traits include creativity, empathy, knowledge-sharing, leadership, listening, resilience, collaboration, and the ability to cope with ambiguity and uncertainty. All these human traits will be both experienced and represented in this anthology – both in the process of making it, and in the product that results. In this way, the collection is intended to inspire. While highlighting the stages of growth inherent in being human, you will empower readers to remember the importance and centrality of our humanness in an ever-changing world.  

Some critical questions that need to be answered/planned by next week:

  • What will the TITLE of the anthology be? 
  • What format(s) will the project take? (digital and/or hardcopy in print?)
  • Will there be a peer-review process for your writing? Who will design that protocol? When should peer-partners do this work?
Distribution of labor for production: 
  • Who will be the website designer/manager? and/or who will be the book producer? or will there be a couple of small teams on this? 
  • Who will organize and copyedit the BIO/authors page? 
  • Who will design the homepage for the overall collection? 
  • Who will write the editorial statement for the anthology?
  • Who will design the table of contents page and/or the layout for the website? 
  • Will there be visuals/images for each writing piece included?  who will manage this?
  • Will there be a dedication? 
  • Will there be a cover? 
  • Where will this work be shared and distributed?  Will it live somewhere online? Will it be distributed in social media spaces? 
  • Is there a goal for presentation or sharing the work outside of the class experience? 
  • Who will take charge of the “afterlife” plans for the project (conference presentations or event, etc?)

Your to-do list before or next workshop:

  1. Please write a first draft of your 500-1000 word contribution to this anthology. You will need to select a “stage” or moment of growth in the span of a human life. Through your writing, bring that “stage” to life, illustrating the meaning in certain key growth moments of the human lifespan. **Remember -the approach, style and genre of your writing piece is your own choice. You can write fiction, non-fiction, memoir, academic, prose, philosophical, poetry, etc. Please take your own creative license in creating your contribution to the collection, in order to make the anthology as diverse as possible.
  2. Blog this week about your first draft for the collection. What stage of growth did you write about? What style and genre did you decide upon? Also, please reflect upon a possible title for the anthology, what format you hope it takes, and what jobs (from the list above) that you feel you could take responsibility for.

Timeline for remainder of ENG 5020:

11/27: Workshop #1

12/4: Workshop #2 (Design Charette, Freewrite, Vote!, Define)

12/11: Workshop #3 (distribution of labor and remaining timeline, planning asynchronous work during week in small groups?)

12/18: Final working meeting to complete project together

12/20: NO CLASS- Submission Deadline for the group project & your Self-Assessment & Class Portfolios

See you next Monday in CAS 315!

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