As we get underway….

imagesIt was a pleasure to connect with all of you  last night, and to have the opportunity to hear a bit about each of you.  I am confident that together we are a diverse group of thoughtful writers, and that collectively we will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with each other.

I am looking forward to our class next week already.  On the agenda:  -We will discuss our first reading (Janice M. Lauer’s “Rhetoric and Composition”and do a bit of collaborative writing as well.  -We will work together on matching each discussion leader to some of the selected readings.  (Please come with a selection of two readings as a “first choice pairing” and also a selection of two readings as a “second choice pairing”.  -We will also settle our course calendar.  (Please pick out a date or two on the calendar that might work out for you).

images-23Please remember to forward to me your url for your course blogs as well as your twitter handle.  Each of your sites will be “fed” into this course site.  When you post your first blog for the course next week, you will see it appear under our “student blogs” section shortly thereafter (like magic ;).  Make it a habit to tweet your blog post each week to our class hashtag – #WritingTheory.  Over the course of our semester together we can develop a rich backchannel discussion on twitter which will extend our on-going conversation while opening it up to those who might be interested in similar matters re: writing theory and writing practice.  And also, please remember that for each class meeting you should develop the habit of reading through your colleagues blog posts as you prep for class.  It shouldn’t take too much time, but it will no doubt enhance our discussions and our overall class reflection.  I hope that some of the insights that you share in your blog posts end up becoming significant “entry points” for our in-person discussions.

Looking forward to this semester with all of you.  See you next week.


Dr. Zamora


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