Catching momentum post-Spring Break

This post will be short and sweet – a quick catch up.

I hope that each of you had a good Spring Break.  Often our break time may come, and then then go, …and we are left to wonder where the time went.  And it can be in our nature to plan a bit too much for the time off, and then feel like not enough “catch up” occurred.  With that common paradigm acknowledged, I truly hope some of you caught some rest last week.

We will resume our work together this week, starting first with Edna’s presentation on Writing in a multilingual & culturally diverse world and finding our ‘Voice’.    She will walk us through Teaching Writing in the Multilingual World by Paul Kei Matsuda and Voice in Writing Again: Embracing Contraries by Peter Elbow.  I look forward to our conversation.  Last time we met, I shared some initial thoughts on these readings based on your blog reflections before break.  I hope that Edna will spurn some deeper discussion and we can create some momentum as we move forward.

We will also continue with some social annotation work in Part 2 or our class time, this time using the annotation tool in order to read Lina Mounzer’s “War in Translation”.  

Regarding the usual “to-do” list for this week, you did not have any new reading for this week’s class.

See you soon!


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