Embarking on the Final Collaborative Project!

The Home Stretch

Yesterday you completed your first “workshop” to generate some initial ideas for the final group project.   This is a special opportunity to think outside the box with both shared purpose and creativity.  This project should be fun, inspiring, and a time to connect further regarding your work and learning within the graduate program.   With the initial ideas generated last night, I can already see that whatever comes of this last stretch will certainly be a special enterprise, and I am excited for all of you as you work through your ideas together.

The goal for next Monday night is to come to a consensus and apprehend a clear plan for the project by the close of class.  This is not an easy task, and you must all work at this.  This means that a significant amount of reflection on what you want to do must be done this week (as homework in the form of a reflective blog post).

You were all asked to “free write” in response to the following prompts:  -What learning outcomes matter the most to you?  -How can you make this project impactful in a way that is truly meaningful to you?   As you know, freewriting is a loose and personal way to write without constraint.  Freewriting is a method used in order to eliminate self-consciousness and generate creativity and imagination.  I hope you enjoyed the free-write about what might be important to you when considering the opportunity of this final group project.  If you feel you need more time to reflect, please, by all means, do some more free-writing in order to apprehend some personal values/goals for this project.  Consider the free-writing you have done as a “warm-up” for your blog reflection this week.

Your to-do list:

Your blog post for this week should be a description of your own identified goals for this project.  This is not an invitation to share your freewriting.  Rather, your blog post should be a summary-description of what you have learned from the freewriting.  In your blog reflection, please identify learning outcomes that matter the most to you.  What do you want to learn?

In addition, please describe a few project concepts that you have developed in order to realize the learning outcomes that are most meaningful to you.  In other words, please describe a few project concepts with as much detail as possible.  What do you want to make?  Why?  

  1. Post your Blog #10 based on the above instructions.  The more descriptive and detailed your blog post, the better.
  2. ***Read everyone else’s blog posts before class so you are familiar with your classmates’ ideas.

I will be reading everyone’s reflections before class as well and making a plan for how to proceed with our next step – a design charette.  In class (through discussion and negotiation) you will all eventually come to identify some sense of shared purpose.  From there you can make plans for how to realize that purpose in a specific project.  See you next Monday!

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