Getting Acclimated

I am so glad to have officially “launched” Writing Theory & Practice class, and it was a great to meet many of you for the first time in person, and re-connect with some of you as well. I am hopeful for an enriching and special semester, as we build a sense of community and co-learn together. Here are the slides that represent what we covered this week:

Your to-do list for next week:

  1. Please remember to make a new WordPress blog and your class twitter account and share here.
  2. ****Search our class Reading Roster for articles of relative interest – choose a preferred date (or two) for your presentation, a topic for your presentation, and a of couple articles for your possible discussion lead – we will work out our presentation schedule by negotiation on the evening of 9/18
  3. Listen to this 30 minute podcast to get to know me (and the work I do) a bit better:’-air-with-terry-greene-mia-zamora
  4. Introduce yourself to your new MA in Writing cohort (in whatever way you would like to). This will be your first “warm up blog”. Suggestion: share what you would like about your background and include some visuals (perhaps a short video, or an image – this does not need to be a personal photo, but can be photo(s) representing something about you). Take a creative or metaphorical approach if you like. Tell us a little about yourself, and why are you pursuing an MA in Writing Studies? 

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