…Looking towards our #WhyIWrite workshop next week

images-25It was good to gather on Monday, and I think that the readings that Hailey selected for us to discuss were perfectly timed as we turn the corner from Election Day together.  Hailey’s presentation prompted us to think further about the role that identity and voice might play in shaping what is possible in our learning environments.  As we reflected together on these readings we recognized that the development of “voice” (in writing and in life) is connected to both embodiment and subjectivity.  In addition, Identity is often a matter of dynamic and changing “becoming” rather than a static notion of being.  Sometimes we are acutely aware of being in-between the more easily apprehended categories of identity.  UnknownSometimes we struggle to see a similar reference point for who we think we are (in all of its layered complexity).  This means we must navigate the reality of identity in the classroom with acute awareness of diverse (and sometimes paradoxical) experience(s).   As such, we noted that voices via bodies are metaphors – marked and read in particular ways, bearing the sway of power and politics.   One important aspect of our conversation seemed to be the issue of listening.  We also talked about the link between writing voice & identity, and the ongoing yearning/reach for authenticity and “true self”.   What is clear is that there is an important link between voice and empowerment, and our writing classrooms must be thoughtfully designed as spaces wherein students feel they can explore and discovery their own developing voice.

images-1In the second part of class we settled on some key plans for the final class project.  Next class period will be solely dedicated as a #WhyIWrite workshop, with the overall goal of getting the majority of the collaborative work accomplished.  That work will include your collective website design efforts & a peer review session.  For the first half of class, you will explore themes and design options for the overall web presentation of your group work.  It seems you are steering towards Wix as a tool to do this work together.  You will also map out the infrastructure of the site, creating the appropriate tabs you would like to present the “frame information”, and well as the grid like portal into your own individual contributions.  In the second half of class, you will break up into your small groups of three, doing a round robin peer review session together.  By the close of the class, you should be nearly finished with the key work for the final #WhyIWrite group project.

For next week:

Please have a solid (well developed) #WhyIWrite draft completed and ready for sharing during the in-class peer review session.

For your blog, please prepare a “memo” which is a short reflection on your #WhyIWrite draft.  Your cover memo should include 4-5 thoughtful questions/concerns about your own writing.  The questions should be directed to your two peer reviewers.  At the end of blog post, please include the link to your #WhyIWrite draft.

Next week will be a fun and busy (crucial) night of collaboration and thoughtful exchange.  I look forward to it.


Dr. Zamora


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