Our class last night (on 12/7) was a true success.  Through a mini Zoom version of a roundtable “Design Charette” you were able to share much insight, listen, and draw upon specific concerns, interests & strategies, and then reduce it all down to a  specific plan of action.  I am impressed!  Here are the slides of our agenda last night:

You were able to use a digital poster board and a bunch of virtual yellow sticky post-it-notes to drop down your final thoughts on what projects seemed possible.  For this part we used the “Favorite Concept Capture Board” Padlet to apprehend what was “rising to the surface” in terms of options for the project. And then we took a vote through Zoom polling in order to see what project concept was in the majority.  The Cards Against Humanity concept (with a re-direction towards writing for empathy & equity) was the clear winner.  I think this was a special one for all of you because it is a new kind of twist…who doesn’t like a good game to learn something?  The concept is novel, fun, and accessible, and it also allows for everybody to contribute work they have a deeper knowledge of (due to the presentation work you each completed in the earlier part of the semester).  The key moving forward is to make sure that everyone has a chance to share content that matters to them, and also has the freedom to contribute in a way that allows for their own design (i.e. multimodal options for expression and experimentation).  In this sense, the “Cards” concept is a great vehicle I think.

You have all identified much of the basic tasks ahead in the “Project Proposal & Game Plan” shared google doc at the close of class.  Please re-read this document because a few more notes have been added there after class.  Here are the clear “to-dos” that you should complete before we meet again soon on Wednesday evening (12/9).

  1. Add your first “take” or draft of the “Project Description” in our “Project Proposal & Game Plan
  2. Add you “question card” idea into the chart at the bottpm of our “Project Proposal & Game Plan

I will have a think and make a plan for the best way to use our time productively on Wednesday evening together, but I think the plan will include these activities:

-Going over the “Project Description” together briefly to finalize that language

-Hearing from Sun about the Cards design template (a small demo).  Afterward, you can all make editorial suggestions and revise her early “mock-up” template

-Discuss the final way to “house” or “package” the Cards.   I am thinking that a basic website that includes the “Project Description”, some “Instructions for How to Play”, the Cards themselves, and also a “Bios of Card Designers” section (a couple sentences about each of you written).  There is also the possibility here of a  brief “Teachers Guide” section with a few extra things in there (see Kefah’s note in the google doc about a Kahoot, etc), ….But you can discuss all of this, and what other ways you can package the work, and what is possible timing-wise…

-We will do some breakout room time to get your “response” card concepts moving along…

-You should also discuss if you want to present this work in other contexts (Conferences, Forums, etc.). I think it has the portential to have an “afterlife” in distribution and debut that you will all be very proud of.

See you Wednesday night!

Ps.  This is all moving along very effectively and is truly inspiring work!!!!




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