The homestretch!

I am proud of all of you. You are officially on the homestretch!

We conducted Class Workshop #3 to settle your shared design vision for your collective final project. You are really progressing and working together efficiently.

Your anthology will be entitled Growing Pains, and you have settled upon a detailed “working map” to get to the proverbial finish line by Wednesday 12/20. Please consult the final project notes document to refer to all details for this final week of work for ENG 5020.

  • Website Design team – Fran & Jenny
  • Editorial statement team – Michael, Erik, Tyler
  • Bio page organization and proofread – Valerie & Jonathan
  • Proofreading the editorial front matter and each writing contribution – Rachel, Max, & Tyler 
  • Photo organizing – Cindy
  • Organizing the collection’s “afterlife” activities – Valerie
  • Peer Review Protocol Teams: Valerie and Jonathan; Fran and Jenny; Michael and Erik; Rachel and Cindy; Tyler and Max

Everyone has agreed to complete their partner peer review session by Thursday, 12/14. And all of you will drop your final draft of your own writing contribution, along with your bios (3-5 sentences in 3rd person) and your selected photos (your black and white photo for your writing contributions; your author bio picture which should be a color picture/headshot) into the appropriate labelled folders by Saturday, 12/16. The “Editorial Statement” (along with other front matter elements) will be completed and shared in that designated file by the Editorial Statement team by Saturday 12/16. The overall collection proofreading team will complete their final tour of content by Monday 12/18, and your final collaborative work session to upload content and finalize the collection will be in person on Monday 12/18 at 4:30pm in Room 315.

Your to-do list for the final week in the semester:

  • Partner Peer Review completed by Thursday 12/14
  • Final draft, bio text, photo, editorial statement due by Saturday 12/16
  • Proofreading completed by 12/18
  • Final collaborative meeting for upload of all content into Website: 12/18 in person in Room 315 at 4:30pm
  • Final submission of your individual self-assessment and your class portfolio by WEDNESDAY 12/20 at midnight

The light is shining at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Please enjoy this final stretch together (…Because this is what you will remember the most from this class perhaps. The connections, the working together, the feeling that you got through this and did something so meaningful, together.) This will be an accomplishment of true distinction when it is completed!!

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