The start of our seminar journey together!

Dear Writing Theory & Practice students,

I am so glad to have gathered with all of you yesterday for the start of our seminar journey together.  As you all remember, our first evening together was really devoted to mapping out the way this course will unfold/proceed.  I am glad to have taken the time to go through each aspect of the course design.  Now we will all have ample time to “settle in” to the rhythms of the course, set our presentation calendar, and open up our discussions about writing, education, literacies in this day and age, and what we know (and don’t know).  I am very optimistic about this smart group and confident that each class meeting will be interesting (based on the individuals in the room and the future contributions from each of you).

Next week we will really spend the majority of our time getting to know each other a little bit.  We will devote some time to introductions and I will jump-start an open conversation about writing (and why you have chosen this as a course of study).  We will also work on setting the Course Calendar together.  In addition, I will share with you some material from the Equity Unbound (#unboundeq) community to prompt you to think about perspective, representation, and the importance of writing our own stories.

So….what to do for next class (9/16)?:

  • Send your URL for your class blog to Dr. Zamora by email (WordPress preferred).  Please be sure to include the link to your actual blog, not the link to your admin access to the site.
  • Send your Twitter account to Dr. Zamora by email.
  • Search our class Reading Roster for articles of relative interest to you.  Choose a couple of preferred dates for your presentation and a couple of articles for your possible discussion lead.  We will work out our presentation schedule by negotiation on the evening of 9/16.
  • Please read these short excerpts: 

Hunt, B. (2013, December 11). “We never use pen & paper.”

Popova, M (2014, December 2). “Lynda Barry’s Illustrated Field Guide to Keeping a Visual Diary and Cultivating a Capacity for Creative Observation.”

Over the course of our semester together I hope we can develop a rich “backchannel” discussion on twitter which will extend our on-going class conversation while opening it up to those who might be interested in similar matters regarding writing in a digitized/globalized context.  You can check our hashtag #unboundeq for early Twitter activity, and soon we will work with twitter in class in order to have you acclimate to the tool.

And also, please remember that for each class meeting you should develop the habit of reading through your colleagues’ blog posts as you prep for class.  Just click on the “Student Blogs” tab on this website to discover what your colleagues are thinking.  It shouldn’t take too much time to scroll through reflections there, but it will no doubt enhance our discussions and our overall class engagement.  I hope that some of the insights that you share in your blog posts end up becoming significant “entry points” for our in-person discussions.

Looking forward to this semester with all of you.  See you next week.


Dr. Zamora

Ps.  Always remember the power of “googling it”.  If you are stuck with basics, just google it.  For example, you can google “How do I set up a free WordPress blog”? Or you can google “How do I set up a Twitter account”? There are many step-by-step guides or tutorials at your fingertips.  Also, remember there are open “office hours” at the Kean University Writing Project office for all MA in Writing Studies grad students, so don’t be shy!


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