Welcome to Writing Theory & Practice

images-11Finally we will meet for the first time.  I have been looking forward to meeting all of you and getting this course underway for sometime.  I know it will serve as a foundation for many of you as you carry on your academic journey in Writing Studies.   And perhaps more importantly, this class experience will expand your reflections as you continue your exploration as a writer.

This course will be an open (online), connected (networked), co-learning (participatory) experience.  One factor that often leads to boredom and lack of energy in the traditional classroom is the way that learning is perceived as a passive activity—a thing that happens to students. What you learn and how you learn it is decided by someone else, without considering what you care about, what you know already, or what you want to learn.  Part of the idea of an open class comes from giving you the opportunity to influence the course.  As we build a foundation for Writing Theory & Practice, I want to place value in the interests and ambitions that each of you bring to this course.   What do you want to learn during out time together?  What do you want to make during our time together?  Please remember to bring these key questions to our shared time together.

Through discussion and negotiation we will identify shared purpose and a mutually beneficial learning agenda, we will compose many collaborative documents, and we will embrace peer-to-peer cooperation and learning.  During our first meeting we will meet and get to know each other a bit, and we will discuss why we have all chosen to converge for this experience.  I sincerely look forward to this extended consideration of what we call writing.  I know that through our collaboration we will lay foundations of knowledge which will no doubt influence your future practice. storytelling


See you soon,

Dr. Mia Zamora

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