“Writing for Humanity” (the card game) is happening!

Another very productive night last night for the development of your “Writing For Humanity” card game!  I must admit, I really love this project, and it is coming together as a reflection of all you as a diverse and talented team.  “Writing For Humanity” is now very much a complex/inspired vision that is well on it’s way to becoming a solid reality.  You all negotiated the plan for the card aesthetic with clarity and prowess, and I think you made some smart decisions about the paired down aesthetic and a more realistic approach to the timeline.  Good work.  I think your time in the breakout rooms was a great way to refine the understanding of how to design your cards (continuity issues), and we now have the official demo set complete (Thanks Sun for the quick turn around with these cards :).  Excellent.

Agenda slides from last night:

The remaining work is customized for each of you, and can be seen clearly in our “Writing for Humanity” Working Doc.

Here are your working teams, but please refer to the doc in order to check about your specific tasks.  These tasks should be completed by Monday, Dec. 14th.

“Writing for Humanity” Website shell & Card Design:  Sun

Game Instructions team:  Ryan, Kelsey, Tom

Bio Page team: Bailey, Alyssa, 

Conference & Scholarly events team: Kefah, Amber

Teacher’s Guide Development team: Kate, Diana

Crowdsourced Gallery Invitation:  Hugo 

Technical Editors for entire project:  Maura, Jessie

On Monday, I think we should think of this last class as part – “wrap this final project up with a bow” and part – class party!  Bring some food and drink, and we can be festive and fun.   I will start with some logistics (like going over the final portfolio expectations, etc).  And then we can jump into “finsihing up the website” by dropping in the remaining content and see it “come alive” online before our very eyes.

This project is a seasonal gift, for sure.

See you then, with bells on :)!

Dr. Zamora

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