Your #WhyIWrite Project & the final few weeks…

images-3Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We had a very productive workshop during last class, and I think we now have the website “shell” for your final collaborative project, along with a kind of template for what you need to input there in order for the whole collaboration to really come together. Here is the link to the files associated with the organization of materials for your final project.  Please remember that by next class you need to have completed:

a URL for your final draft (**When editing, please keep in mind the feedback received from last week’s peer review session.)

an image for your bio (whatever image you like, does not need to be personal photo)

your bio (3-4 sentences)

a short author statement (a quote or short statement – this is optional)

an image for the “gateway” or “entry click” to your work

***Please drop all of this information into the files in the shared folder.

For next week:

UnknownKatherine will be leading discussion with “Why the Research Paper is Not Working (Fister) & “The Popularity of Formulaic Writing (and Why We Need to Resist)” (Wiley).  Please read this material and blog your reflection on the work.

We will use the second half of class to:

1. Address the final steps for completing the collaborative project/website.

2. Brainstorm & decide upon four questions for the #digiwrimo  #whyiwrite webchat from 6-7pm on 12/5.

See you all soon,

Dr. Zamora



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